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Underglow Lighting St. Petersburg

Looking for underglow lighting?  Discount Auto Tunes offers interior and exterior LED lighting upgrades for all types of vehicles.  Boats, cars, motorcycles, Trucks and SUVs.  If you want to enhance your vehicles interior or exterior lighting come down and have the professionals here lay out a custom plan for you.

Interior Led Lighting

We offer a complete selection of interior lighting upgrades and accessories.  Our solutions include visibility enhancements to make it brighter if needed in your cars interior.  Maybe you are looking for a little swag for your interior or synthesized mood lighting.  Enhance your custom or factory sound system with LED edge lighting.  Discount Auto Tunes can match factory dash lighting and offer custom logo light for any part of your vehicle.  If your boat or off road vehicle is in need of lighting due to limited factory lights let us know we can help.

Underbody LED LIghting

Wheelwell LED Ligthing

Boat LED Lighting

Motorcycle LED Lighting

Custom LED Logo Lights

Truck Bed LED Lighting

Exterior Led Lighting

Customize your cars exterior for personalized appearance with LED underglow lights professionally installed at Discount Auto Tunes.  We have many styles and colors to choose from.  Give us a call today at 727-544-0022.

Happy Customers

“Discount Auto Tunes is the one stop shop for all your car customizing needs.   I trust them with my car and my truck.   They are experienced with all facets of the 12 volt industry.  They have installed car stereos for over a decade and can do everything from alarms to LED headlights.  I would also have to say that the company is very honest and has told me when I didn’t need something I thought would be needed.  I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Dave M

Great customer service – we arranged to have all 9 speakers replaced in our car and when the phone rang the next day, we anticipated the cost would be higher due to some glitch. Right? That’s how these things typically play out, but noooooo. It was the installer calling to say we only needed two woofers replaced, which he already did and the sound was fantastic. Very happy with the results. I recommend Discount Auto Tunes for their honest business policy and responsiveness.


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