Headlight Replacement

Headlight Replacement in St. Petersburg

Eventually car headlights burn out and the headlamp electrical system gets aged over time. It is real important to have your headlights maintained. It can be an unsafe situation driving your vehicle with burned out headlights. If your headlamps are dying or fading your vision of the road is impaired. Driving under these conditions can be dangerous even fatal. If your vehicle or a loved ones vehicle is 18 to 24 months old or older you should have your headlights checked at Discount Auto Tunes in St. Petersburg.

There are 3 types of Headlights available for most cars in todays automotive market.  All 3 of these types typically have a high and low beam option, though the way they work varies with different amounts of bulbs or filiaments regarding the type.
The 3 types of headlamps are:
1. Halogen
2. LED or (Light Emitting Diode)
3. Xenon/HID  or High Intensity Discharge


Halogen: This is by far the most common lightbulb found in most cars. It has a tungsten filament and is filled with halogen gas, surrounded by a silica quartz glass that is designed to withstand heat. These bulbs are fairly inexpensive and easy to replace. This explains why they are such a common choice, however other options usually end up being less expensive when considering the length of life and other benefits.

LED: LED lights are fairly new to the automotive world. They have quickly grown to be a better option about as fast as well. They produce a brighter, whiter light then the standard composite Halogen bulb. The price is higher but the lifespan is far greater and compensates for the difference.

Xenon/HID: High intensity discharge (HID) headlamps are known similarly as xenon headlights as they are filled with the gas xenon. The gas gives the headlight a blue sheen. These bulbs are the brightest at night then mostly any other bulb. They come as a standard option for most higher end autos.


LED Headlight Replacement

LED headlights will give you a massive advantage over the lighting that came with your car when you purchased it. LED headlight replacement by Discount Auto Tunes has many advantages. If you are looking for led headlights for car, motorcycle or truck you have come to the right place. LED motorcycle headlights are a great way to be seen better when you are out at night cruising.


LED headlight bulbs have benefits and some are listed below. We also offer many LED interior car lights. We keep in stock the best LED interior lights for cars.

LED Headlights St Petersburg

Longer Lifespan

Better vision with better illumination.

Lower heat discharge

Brighter Light at night

Other drivers see you better

Many customizing options

Brake Light and Tail Light Replacement

If your brake light, turn signal or tail light is out, it can be hazardous as well. Obviously these lights were created to signal those around you of your intended direction, whether that is turning or stopping. It is also illegal to drive with these lights out. If you have a bulb out or getting older drive your car up to Discount Auto Tunes for an evaluation. It’s better you do it than to have a sheriff pull you over and tell you about it, or give you a ticket.

Happy Customers

“Discount Auto Tunes is the one stop shop for all your car customizing needs.   I trust them with my car and my truck.   They are experienced with all facets of the 12 volt industry.  They have installed car stereos for over a decade and can do everything from alarms to LED headlights.  I would also have to say that the company is very honest and has told me when I didn’t need something I thought would be needed.  I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Dave M

Great customer service – we arranged to have all 9 speakers replaced in our car and when the phone rang the next day, we anticipated the cost would be higher due to some glitch. Right? That’s how these things typically play out, but noooooo. It was the installer calling to say we only needed two woofers replaced, which he already did and the sound was fantastic. Very happy with the results. I recommend Discount Auto Tunes for their honest business policy and responsiveness.


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